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Wireless Freezer Monitor

Monitor overall health of freezers to predict failures, minimizing required preventative maintenance
Freezer failures can result in loss of critical materials or samples. However, this can be avoided. Monitoring temperature alone does not give you enough advanced warning to know when a freezer is about to fail. It’s merely an indicator that a problem has already occurred.
The Cypress Envirosystems Wireless Freezer Monitor (WFM) allows you to monitor critical parameters to give you a better picture of freezer health. By monitoring the internal temperature as well as the door switch status and compressor current draw (high and low side), you can see problems before they results in failures.
No more moving samples at the last minute as your freezers are failing. You can schedule maintenance before it becomes critical. There’s no new software to install. Simply open a web browser and you can view the data or set alarms in minutes. Alternatively, you can connect the system to your existing building or plant automation system using industry standard protocols.
  • Monitor health of freezers holding critical material or samples
  • Predict costly freezer failures before they occur
  • Provide early warning of freezer failure
  • Minimize required preventative maintenance
  • Measure critical freezer parameters including compressor current, door/open/close status, internal temperature
  • Retrofit installation on existing freezers
  • OPC and BACnet interfaces for integration with existing automation systems
  • FCC, RoHS and ETSI compliant
  • 3+ years of battery life

The WFM is now available on GSA Schedule:

Download the Wireless Freezer Monitor Product Brief

WSTM Payback Calculator2 (years)

WSTM Installed Cost3:
$1000 per unit

Your Steam Cost:
per 1,000 lbs.

Inspection Frequency4:

Inspection Costs5:
per trap

Facility Uptime:

Failure Rate6:
per year

1. Orifice diameter should not be confused with pipe diameter. Consult the steam trap manufacturer if orifice size is not known.
2. Calculations are theoretical estimates and actual results will vary. Payback calculation includes avoided lost steam and inspection labor. Benefits from avoided damage resulting from blocked traps are not included in model. The formula used for steam loss in this model is: L=24.24*Pa*D2. Where L=pounds/hour, Pa=Pgauge + Patm , D=orifice diameter.
3. Actual WSTM installed cost will vary based on volume and integrator.
4. Refers to the manual inspections of steam traps that are currently being done at the facility. The frequency determines the potential avoided failure time when using the WSTM.
5. The frequency and cost of inspection determine the labor savings enabled by the WSTM.
6. The failure rate per year should be based on historical data from the facility. 15-20% failure rates per year are typical. In unmaintained facilities, the failure rate can be much higher: