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Digitalization of the North American Nuclear Fleet

There are 114 commercial nuclear reactors operating in North America.  They provide about 20% of electricity generation and represent a key pillar in our quest towards a carbon free economy.

But the average age of the nuclear fleet is almost 40 years – most were built before digital sensors, the internet, and data analytics existed.   These plants must be “digitalized” to be able to take advantage of the newest IoT technologies which promise to improve safety, lower labor cost, and reduce unplanned downtime.  However, retrofitting plants using conventional technology is hugely expensive and disruptive – often, work can only be done when the plant is shut down or during a refueling “outage”. 

Read White Paper from Cypress Envirosytems:
Why Industrial IoT will not Deliver on its Potential – Unless it Solves this Challenge

Non-Invasive Retrofit Solutions

Cypress Envirosystems’ non-invasive clamp-on solutions enable digitalization upgrades in minutes, without the need for shut down, running wires, cutting pipes, performing leak checks or time-consuming engineering reviews and approvals.  Retrofits completed in a fraction of the time and deliver benefits immediately with shorter payback periods. 

Case Studies

OT and IT Convergence in Nuclear Fleet
Bill Ansley, Exelon, February 2019

Enabling Predictive Maintenance Using Wireless Gauge Readers
Tim Baugher and Bill Ansley, Exelon, April 2020

North Carolina Wireless Gauge Reader Deployment – WANO Lessons Learned
World Association of Nuclear Operators, October, 2019

Improving Safety and Increasing Efficiency at Vermont Yankee
Control Magazine, September, 2010

EPRI Demonstration of Wireless Gauge Reader
Electric Power Research Institute, Charlotte, July, 2018

EDF European LoRaWAN Compatibility Testing of WGR
Electricite de France, Paris, October, 2019

Cypress Envirosystems Nuclear Industry Product Portfolio

Nuclear power plants have stringent safety and cybersecurity requirements.  Cypress has worked closely with utilities and nuclear operators to obtain approval for our range of non-invasive products, which are currently deployed at 18 nuclear plants at seven utilities in 11 states and provinces.

Overview of Non-Invasive Solutions for Nuclear Industry

Wireless Gauge Reader

Wireless Transducer Reader

Wireless Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Wireless Odometer Reader

Wireless Steam Trap Monitor