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Cypress Envirosystems Reduces Labor Costs and Improves Reliability of Fire Protection System

Posted March 1st 2020

Fire protection systems rely on a complex system of pumps, valves, risers and sprinklers to do its job. Should a fire occur, this system regulates water pressure and flow to the right location to control or put out the flames.

For the fire protection team, it is critical they confirm that all of the components of the system is ready all the time, just in case. In most facilities, this means manually checking many pressure and flow gauges all around the facility each day.

Now this checking and data gathering can be automated by using clamp on optical Wireless Gauge Readers from Cypress Envirosystems. The easy installation takes minutes without the need to cut pipes, break seals, perform leak checks or run wires. Alerts can be texted to cell phones or emailed. Data can be shared with Building Automation Systems via BACnet. This automation increases system reliability and reduces labor costs.