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City of Chicago Presents “Most Innovative Project Award” to Cypress Envirosystems for 2019

Wireless Gauge Reader Successfully Tested at EDF Labs in Paris

Cypress Envirosystems Upgrades Pneumatic Controls at the Lincoln Medical Center in NYC

Cypress Envirosystems Team Begins Nuclear Plant Upgrades at Nine Sites in Five States for Three Utilities

Cypress Envirosystems Saves Energy at Rockland School District in New York

Harry Sim, CEO of Cypress Envirosystems, Will Speak at 2019 Future Facilities Conference in Chicago

Cypress Envirosystems CEO to Present at Hawa’ii Energy Innovation Symposium

Digital Transformation: Exelon uses non-invasive sensors from Cypress Envirosystems to digitize nuclear plant built in 1975

  Last week, Cypress Envirosystems and our customer Exelon (the largest electric utility in the US) attended the 23rd Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando.  The event focused on the Digital Transformation of Industry and Cities, and was attended by over 900 industry executives and media. Bill Ansley, Innovation Leader at Exelon Nuclear, presented a very compelling case study for digitizing existing plants with non-invasive technologies from Cypress Envirosystems. The cost to implement was 90% less than conventional approaches, and it took only one week to install with no operational disruption. The payback period was well under three years.  See Bill's presentation here: Download: Exelon WGR Case Study   Additional Resources: Download: EPRI Technical Brief on Wireless Gauge Reader Download: Natural Gas and Electricity Article Wireless Gauge Reader Product information Contact Us: Email: Phone: 800-544-5411 More >

In Chicago, hi-tech solution helps low-tech systems run more efficiently

The problem with the existing pneumatic thermostats in 311 S. Wacker and other buildings like it, is that they rely entirely on mechanical compressed air action to operate, says Harry Sim, CEO of San Jose, California-based Cypress Envirosystems, which provided the new wireless pneumatic thermostats for the building. More >

A Challenge to the Potential of Industrial IoT

Lack of data visibility in existing plants hinders Industrial IoT deployment...but non-invasive instrumentation upgrade is a key part of the solution.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a hot trend these days – it promises to revolutionize our industrial infrastructure by improving efficiency at existing power plants, refineries, off-shore oil platforms, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals etc. According to McKinsey, IIoT will unlock $6.2 trillion in potential economic impact by 2025. For the electricity sector alone, the World Economic Forum estimates $1.3 trillion of value can be captured with IIoT.

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