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Duke Energy Shares WGR Experience at American Nuclear Society

Posted August 11th 2021

Steve Putnam, Innovation Manager at Duke Energy Nuclear, is presenting this week at the American Nuclear Society conference in Marco Island FL.

Duke Energy has deployed the Cypress IoT  Wireless Gauge Reader (WGR) to all six of their nuclear power plants, and is sharing the significant operational experience they have gained over the past three years. View presentation here:

Background on Wireless Gauge Reader:
The WGR is an non-invasive clamp-on optical device which allows plants to digitize existing mechanical gauges and indicators in minutes with virtually no operational disruption.   It costs a fraction of conventional sensor technology, and helps to reduce operator rounds, improve trending and fault detection, reduce radiation exposure to workers, and gathering data for rapid troubleshooting. The data collected by the WGR’s can be seamlessly exported to OSI PI and other plant applications.