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Latest News – Control/Monitoring Solutions Reduce Energy Costs in Older Plants

San Jose, Calif. — Cypress Envirosystems, a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., has introduced a family of control and monitoring solutions designed to help older buildings and manufacturing sites cut energy costs and boost productivity. These products upgrade pneumatic thermostats, manual steam trap monitoring and dial gauges in minutes, providing payback in less than one year.
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Control Magazine – Extending the Sensor Network

“Thousands,” says Conoco-Phillips’ Alan Autenrieth, who has installed a large wireless system in his plant using Honeywell’s OneWireless technology. “I have no idea how many.” There are places in the plant where we have not wanted to install transmitters for a number of reasons. So we install gauges, and send operators and maintenance personnel on gauge rounds. More > – Harry Sim's Wireless "No Brainer"

The WirelessHART community has been collectively rubbing its hands with glee for the last couple of years at the prospect of being able to release the “stranded” capabilities of all those HART transmitters, reckoned to number some 20 million, which are installed across the world’s process plants in systems whose hosts currently have no HART capability. However, to Harry Sim, the former NASA shuttle payload director whom readers last met as global vice-president of marketing for Honeywell IPS, 20 million seems a relatively paltry number. He’s got his sights set on an order of magnitude larger population of process measurement devices whose only interaction with the outside world is currently via a technician’s clip board.
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Solid-State Technology – Wireless Gauge Reader

Wireless gauge reader : The patent-pending Wireless Gauge Reader clips on to the front face of an existing gauge and doesn’t necessitate removing old gauges, breaking pressure seals, performing leak checks, running wires, or interrupting the underlying process. More >

ARC Advisory Group – Cypress Envirosystems' Solutions Automate Reading of Manual Dial Gauges

Cypress Systems Corp., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., introduced non-invasive wireless gauge reading solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency in manufacturing and processing plants.  The patent-pending Wireless Gauge Reader simply clips on to the front face of an existing gauge in minutes, at less than half the cost of alternative systems.
More > Sound OFF! Editor’s Blog – Harry Sim’s Cool New Thing

Formerly, vice president of marketing at Honeywell Process Solutions, Harry Sim got what I called then a "sweetheart deal" to become CEO of Cypress Systems, a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor-- one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Cypress has a whole potload of intellectual property, and Harry decided to look around and see what he could do with it.
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