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Save Energy

Industrial Facilities – Solutions

Detect Steam Trap Failures (see description)
Automatically monitor steam traps for early detection and correction of expensive leaks and damaging blockages.

  • Non-invasive installation – no disruption to process
  • Robust wireless network compatible with tunnels and underground systems
  • Typical payback of around one year

Reduce Compressed Air Energy Use (see description)
Non-invasive wireless devices add monitoring to compressed air networks in minutes without disrupting operations. Set low pressure alarms and reduce header pressure to save energy. AirMaster+ data compatibility for detailed analysis.

  • Monitor point-of-use pressure gauges to optimize pressure, detect leaks, ensure uptime
  • Integrate data with existing automation/compressors via OPC

Audit Energy Use (see description)
Gather energy consumption data in minutes using wireless, non-invasive clamp-on devices.  Record electrical power, pressure, temperature and flow rates for steam, chilled water, domestic water and air.

  • Submeter and obtain accurate energy baseline
  • No disruption to occupants or processes
  • Temporary – may be uninstalled and installed elsewhere