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Save Energy

Commercial Buildings – Solutions

Retrofit from Pneumatic to DDC (see description)
Implement HVAC setpoint temperature policies, night and weekend setbacks, occupancy override, optimal start/stop, and automate zone-level ongoing commissioning.

  • Save up to 10-25% of HVAC energy demand
  • Earn up to 7 LEED points quickly and easily
  • Achieve payback on investment in about 18 months (even faster when coupled with utility incentives)

Detect Steam Trap Failures (see description)
Automatically monitor steam traps for early detection and correction of expensive leaks and damaging blockages.

  • Non-invasive installation – no disruption to process
  • Robust wireless network compatible with tunnels and underground systems
  • Typical payback of around one year

Implement Ongoing Commissioning (see description)
Analyze trends, set excursion alarms, and obtain diagnostics for existing pneumatic systems and equipment. Proactively respond to a problem before tenants complain or costly failures occur.

  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%
  • Maintain high efficiency performance over time
  • Increase tenant comfort and retention rates

Audit Energy Use (see description)
Gather energy consumption data in minutes using wireless, non-invasive clamp-on devices.  Record electrical power, pressure, temperature and flow rates for steam, chilled water, domestic water and air.

  • Submeter and obtain accurate energy baseline
  • No disruption to occupants or processes
  • Temporary – may be uninstalled and installed elsewhere