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Zeller Realty Group News — State-of-the-art Energy Saving Systems at 311 South Wacker generate $402K Energy Award from ComEd

Posted August 31st 2015

ComEd presents its largest energy award for a commercial building to Zeller Realty Group

Chicago – ComEd presented a Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Award of $402,318 to 311 South Wacker–its largest award given for a commercial real estate project. Zeller Realty Group, the building’s property manager, installed a state-of-the-art energy saving system and LED lighting to earn this substantial award for the West Loop office tower.

“311 South Wacker is the first major office tower in Chicago to install wireless Pneumatic thermostats connected to a cloud-based intelligent building system. A total of 944 thermostats were installed by our engineering team in record time,” said Consolato Gattuso, Vice President of Technical Operations, Zeller Realty Group. “The system allows sophisticated algorithms to utilize real time data to make operational energy saving decisions.”